Junior Golf is an important part of Sanctuary Lakes Club.

Since its inception in 2000, Sanctuary Lakes Club has provided a welcoming and suportive environment for boys and girls to play golf.

We focus on developing golf skills, athletic ability and most importantly, a love for the game of golf. We do this via a carefully

structured curriculum that provides age appropriate golf and athletic development training programs.

The club has created a pathway where first time golfers can access instruction before moving onto the golf course.

But most importantly the club, through its junior commitee and the staff, provide fantastic support and encouragement. 

Over the years, Sanctuary Lakes Club has produced a number of professional golfers who started out as first time golfers.

Stacey Keating and Daniel Valenti both cut their teeth at Sanctuary Lakes Club and now compete on the world professional stage.

We welcome inquiries from parents with children who are interested in golf.

Simple call into the office Monday to Friday and ask our friendly staff. Or simply continue through the website and you'll find exactly what you're looking for.